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Wings Camera offers a variety of services to meet your photographic needs. We can do consignment sales, scan your slides and prints to CD, appraisals, repair, film development and processing, and digital prints from your files.

Digital Photography Services

scan slides, negatives, and prints to CDWe do:

  • Digital prints and enlargements
  • Slide-to-DVD conversion
  • Home movie-to-DVD conversion
  • VHS-to-DVD conversion
  • Film-to-disk conversion

Digital Photography Supplies

Wings Camera has an extensive inventory of digital photography supplies, such as memory cards, card readers, and other digital camera accessories.

Camera Sensor Cleaning ServicesKodak Autographic

We do DSLR Sensor Cleaning while you wait in about an hour. We charge 39.99.
  • Bring your camera battery fully charged
  • We also clean up to three lenses in your bag



Do you think that old camera that you found in your attic might be worth something? We can find out!
  • Expert appraisal on a variety of used photographic equipment
  • Free appraisal on used equipment to estates or for insurance purposes


If you're looking for a place that can get your camera working, then look no further! 

We do film camera clean and check for 19.95

Camera Seals installed for 29.95.

Camera Camera Sensor Cleaning for 39.95.


Most overhauls and electronic camera repairs will be sent out for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Generally it takes about a week to recieve an estimate and then a couple weeks to get parts and service complete.


If it got wet, you may be better sending it to the manufacturer.


We try our best to let you know if we feel the repair is economical and we allow payment upon pickup of repaired item.



  • Free estimates on repairs for used equipment.
  • One-year warranties offered on film camera repairs.


Film Development and Processing

Wings Camera Does all film development.

  • E-6 film processing 19.95
  • 35mm color C-41 and Black and White
  • 120/220 processing for professional film development

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please call (404-636-4406) or use the "E-mail Wings" link to let us know.

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