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Mamiya RB67Much of our used equipment is sold on consignment, usually from customers we’ve served for years. We have found that this method of handling used equipment is beneficial to both you (you're not forced to sell or trade your equipment at 'pawn shop prices'!) and us (we keep our inventory costs down!).

We realize, too, that consignments are a tricky business for both the dealer and the owner. We have, over the years, developed the "Prince System" to deal with the logging-in, tracking, and payment of and for consignment sales:

We ask our consignees to only send us equipment in good working order, unless otherwise stated. We are not responsible for mechanical defects in your equipment, and it really doesn't do either of us any good if a customer returns your consignment to us within the seven-day (calendar) warranty period allowed on Wing's consignment sales. We also expect you to take care in packing and shipping your equipment to us.

  • When shipping or delivering your equipment, please be sure to enclose a legible list of your equipment, WITH serial numbers, a comment on its general condition, and the price you'd like the equipment to sell for. You will receive 70% of the selling price if the item sells.

  • Zeiss 35Payment to you will be made a minimum of 15 days after the date of the sale, due to the time necessary for banks to clear checks and credit card transactions.

  • Consigned items should be left at Wing's for a minimum of 30 days. Shorter periods of time would reduce effective times the equipment might appear on this website, or in advertising, or in our showcases.

  • Your consigned equipment is insured for six months. After that time has expired, the insurance is no longer available and you may pick it up or leave it here, uninsured.

  • Our charge for consignment sales is 30% of the selling price.
  • Darkroom Equipment will be 50% of selling price.

  • Equipment that is left on consignment that does not sell after a three-year period will be considered abandoned. We will dispose of it accordingly.

We now also offer the option to list your equipment on eBay. If you wish we can list your equipment for you on eBay. Please inquire about our terms for eBay sales.


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